Thursday, 31 March 2011

No Mojo!!!!!!

Hi there,

I have major problems at the moment......I've lost it!!!  I don't know where it might be but my mojo has gone, gone, gone......

I'm not sure why and more importantly, not sure what to do about it!  Oh well, I'll keep trying!
I have been working non stop just lately (almost full time - and it's killing me! Haven't done full time for years now and don't ever intend on doing it again but hey ho....) but I guess that maybe a factor.

I have made my Mothers day card but I can't post that just in case my Mum logs on! Its my brother in laws 50th birthday next week so I need to get sorted for that.  We're going to the greyhound racing for his birthday so that should be fun and hopefully we'll have some luck on the night.

On another note, I just have to share with you all that I made my first ever cake tonight and I do think it was a hit!!!  Maybe I should have taken a picture of that but it's almost gone now.  Even my husband, who isn't a cake eater, liked it and I had to stop my son having a third slice!!! 
Move over Nigella!!!!
So, hopefully I'll be back soon with something, fingers crossed.

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