Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sports Day.

We've had sports day at school today and I helped on the cake stall.  Looking at all those cakes made me hungry and eventually the diet went out the window (which is happening far too often just lately!!!!)
Oh well, tomorrow's another day.....I'll start again then!!!!!

Football is over now for the boys (until September when its cold and wet - joy!) so I made a thank you card for Aarons manager.  It take a huge amount of their time to run a football team for not a huge amount of reward really so I thought it would be nice.  (Didn't do one for Elliots manager because he left before I had a chance and isn't returning next season.)

I can't tell you where the footballer stamp is from, had it that long.  It's coloured in with promarkers and I've used the spiral note edge puch from SU....and of course I have used the JustRite font stamp!!

We've got a craft show at Newbury racecourse this weekend (think it's called The Arts Stamp show ?) but we are going on Saturday and then I am going to a SU party next Wednesday....I can see some money being spent over the next week.....Uh Oh!! 

I'll let you know how bad...(or good...pah! No chance!) I am!
Till next time,

Take care xx

Sunday, 26 June 2011

It's hot, hot, hot!!!

What a lovely day it has been...we have had a quiet day just pottering around but it has been lovely.  Shame it's the end of the weekend and we are all back to work and school tomorrow....

Talking of school, a while ago I made a box of notelet cards for Aarons teacher as an end of term gift....
so the other night I made her a card to go with it....

Not the best card ever but it matches the set...It's the cottage garden stamp set from SU. It's frustrating when a card doesn't go the way we expect.....
I can't believe we have only four weeks left of this term though, another school year over - shocking!
We have sports day on Wednesday, looking forward to it, hopefully the weather will be just as lovely as today.
So thanks for stopping by....
Take care xx

Saturday, 25 June 2011

I'm Back..... computer is back and I'm happy, happy, happy.  It's amazing how lost I felt without

I have just cooked dinner, washed up, served dessert and am generally waiting on the men of the house (plus one) while they watch the Speedway on the TV so I think I deserve a quick rest and indulge myself in something I have missed (how sad am I??? No comments on that though please!)

So, my Fathers days cards......I ended up making 6 of the things....regular readers will know I don't really like doing mens cards and then I have to make 6 of the things.  Anyway,  I made one each for my boys to give to Daddy then I made one for my dad from me and one from the boys and likewise my Father in law....It was a bit of a marathon really but it's all over now so I can breathe.

 This one was from Aaron to Daddy.  The rosette was a digistamp from  The paper is from a Kirsty Wiseman CD.  I've coloured the rosette in sakura glaze pens.

This one was from Elliot.  It's a cream linen card stamped with a spotty stamp from SU in Olive Green.  The Black spotty paper is from SU as are the dies (top note and labels).  'The Best Daddy' is stamped using my new JustRite stamps I was talking about.

This was for my dad.  Was struggling at this point !!!The 'happy' is from a SU set called Happy Everything and the papers are from bits and pieces I have already. 

The boys call my dad Gramps and as you cam imagine you can never get a card with Gramps on so I had to use the JustRite stamps!!!

This was for my father in law.  I really like cards with bunting on and hadn't tried it myself so I gave it a go!  Guess what....I used the JustRite stamp again!!!

This was from the boys to my father in law.  Really having a hard time by now and I don't think he could even tell you when he last played golf but needs must!!!  

So there you marathon male card making session!!!!
I think all the men were happy and had a lovely day though. 

I have been thinking lately about finishing a scrapbook that I started years ago and maybe trying to scrap some of the millions of photos I have of the this space!!

Am soooo glad to be back but till next time
Thanks and Take care xxx

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I'm still here!!!

Still no computer tower (am expecting it back soon soon) so still not able to post any cards (aarrrggghhh!!!)  This is soooo frustrating but I just wanted to say Hi and let you know I am still about....

Its raining again and really quite cold but I'm staying optimistic for a lovely summer... but I guess I have no reason not to craft!

I now have a quiet few months on the birthday front but I'm sure I'll find reasons to make, make,make!!
Till next time (with piccys hopefully!)
Take care xx

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mums Birthday

Have been shopping with my Mum this morning and am going home with some bits...(as always!) It's been lovely. 
I have popped back to Mums for a cuppa and to update my blog (am having withdrawal symptoms!!! lol)  It was my Mums birthday on Monday and as she reads my blog I could not put the cards on before now.  I made one from me and one from the boys....
From me....obviously!
And this is the one from the boys (Elliot didn't like it but what do boys know anyway....)

Mum liked it and that all that matters!!!

Also, I have just taken delivery of a new toy!  Whilst having a look through the internet the other day I came across Just Rite stamps and handles.  I have the fonts and handles so I can now stamp any name, sentiment or sentance, it's really cool.  Have a look at Once Upon a Stamp.  I'll let know how my playing goes.

Am just about finished with my Fathers Day cards so next time I pop over to Mums I'll let you have a look.
Take care xx

Monday, 13 June 2011

Technical Difficulties....

If you have read previous posts, you will know that I am not very technical (BIG understatement!) but I am currently experiencing a few technical issues with my computer....let me explain!!

My computer tower has gone off to be looked at by a very nice man and after having panic attacks about not being online, my Mum has very kindly lent me her old tower.  Now at the risk of sounding ungrateful (which of course isn't the case!!!) the tower is old and won't let me download any photos so I can't update my blog for a while.....

In the meantime, I will continue to make and follow and hopefully when I am up and running again I'll have lots to show.....If I get a chance I will try and update it when I am at my Mums.

So, for a while, that's it.........
Oh, Happy Birthday Mum, you're the best!!!!!

Take care xx

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Derby Night!!!

I am sitting here listening to an MP3 player because I cannot stand the boys of the house screaming at TV anymore!!  My husband and his family have a long standing tradition to place a bet on the Greyhound Derby and this seems to have been passed down to my boys!!  So, all night I have had the boys shouting their dogs on and I am really hoping my neighbours are out!

I have been crafting most of the night though so I guess I shouldn't complain too much...I have done a couple of fathers days card but I can't show those until I can take a decent picture...need daylight!!  I will post them later in the week.

I have done a card for friends son. He's going to be 3 and I wanted a simple card and came across this idea in a magazine (can't remember which one, apologies!)
The 3 is on a spring so it pops off the card!

Tried to make it look like the caterpillar had munched the side of the card.
I will be honest, the bees only appeared as I messed up the Happy Birthday stamp and needed to hide my mistake!  so I stamped them inside too.  The bee stamp is from the SU Sweet Summer set, so cute!

I'm sure Matthew will only be concerned with the pressie  and not the card though!!!!  I remember my boys throwing the cards to one side, they are not important!

Take care xx
Materials used: Create and Craft Happy Birthday stamp, circle punch, bee stamp from SU, Scallop circle punch from SU, Mat pack from SU to create faux stitching, black fine line pen and goggle eyes.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Wow! Wow! Wow!

What a weekend!!!!!!!!!

We had the most amazing time in London...I didn't want it to end really!!  Our hotel was lovely, The Ritz was fabulous and The Cinnamon Club was outstanding.  I was very spoilt and I'm sure I could get used to that sort of lifestyle!
Outside The Ritz....

Stunning....inside The Ritz....
Not that I am complaining, but I didn't get a camera for our anniversary, I got a kindle instead and it's so cool. I really am getting more and more technical.....might have to wait until Christmas for the camera!

You may remember a while ago I said my husband was decorating the kitchen.  Well, that's all done and looks great but since coming back from our weekend away, he has also done the lounge now!!!  The hall is next (his words, not mine!)

I have made a card tonight, for my friends daughter, it's simple but I think it works!!

Take care xx

Materials used: SU Cottage garden stamp set, SU plain oval and scallop oval punch, SU ink pads, ballet blue and so saffron.