Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mums Birthday

Have been shopping with my Mum this morning and am going home with some bits...(as always!) It's been lovely. 
I have popped back to Mums for a cuppa and to update my blog (am having withdrawal symptoms!!! lol)  It was my Mums birthday on Monday and as she reads my blog I could not put the cards on before now.  I made one from me and one from the boys....
From me....obviously!
And this is the one from the boys (Elliot didn't like it but what do boys know anyway....)

Mum liked it and that all that matters!!!

Also, I have just taken delivery of a new toy!  Whilst having a look through the internet the other day I came across Just Rite stamps and handles.  I have the fonts and handles so I can now stamp any name, sentiment or sentance, it's really cool.  Have a look at Once Upon a Stamp.  I'll let know how my playing goes.

Am just about finished with my Fathers Day cards so next time I pop over to Mums I'll let you have a look.
Take care xx

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  1. Both cards are brilliant, and I agree...what do boys know when it comes to crafting...The shape pf the MUM one is good for a tri fold card


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