Thursday, 28 July 2011

My first workshop..

Well, what an interesting day!!!

I held a workshop today for a group of ladies who just wanted to try their hand at making cards.  My Mum was asked if we could both put something together and demonstrate to the group but she has been very busy lately so I designed the cards and put everything together and then we helped the ladies with their designs.

All the bits ready to take.....remembering everything was a misson but I did ok.  I  put everything they needed for each card into plastic wallets (I had precut everything to make it easier).  We made two cards but I forgot to take a photo of them!!!!! Think my Mum might have a copy of each card so I'll pop them on later in the week!

The ladies hard at work!!!
I did enjoy it and I think they did too.  I was amazed to see that although I designed and demo'd the cards, every single one that the ladies made were different.  It was great to see all their work.

Aaron came with me and joined in too and he's been busy all evening with other 'projects'....bless him, he must take after me!!

Thanks for stopping by and take care xxx

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