Saturday, 29 October 2011

French Foliage

We had a great time at Cadbury World and a lovely few days with our friends.  The kids got on beautifully and us adults behaved aswell......  We are already planning our next trip for next year...

Have been very slack on the crafting front at the moment and not quite sure why but have made a card this afternoon for my lovely Daddykins whose birthday it is early next month.  As always it was a struggle to think of a masculine card and I have to admit to a bit of surfing the internet to get some inspiration.

 A close up of the stamping.  I only used black ink but stamped it onto scrap paper to lighten the colour (I think it's called second generation stamping but not sure!)
It's really simple but quite striking!  I only hope that my Dad isn't looking over my Mums shoulder when shes checking out my blog!!!

We have had a really lazy day today and I'm looking forward to a lazy evening in front of the TV.  I don't often watch telly but we do have an X Factor family night on a saturday.
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