Monday, 9 May 2011

Back down with a bump!

We are back....and quite frankly we don't want to be.  We had the most fabulous weekend, the sun shone (hot and brightly), the food was great and the company was the best!!!

We went to the beach and ate fish and chips on the sea front, we went in the arcades (and spent a fortune!), we went to the funfair, we played bingo, we won at 'open the box' (twice) and us adults danced at the kiddies disco.  It was just a lovely weekend.  The drive home wasn't so great, I love the M25 when there has been a crash.....

The boys have been brilliant and they have had a ball so all in all it was very successful and we're looking forward the the next one.

 Elliot (my son, in the middle) started off by holding his jeans up and paddling but we had to go and buy a pair of shorts and some flip flops as he ended up getting soaked!  Kids eh?

We got back at teatime today and my husband is going to decorate the kitchen for the rest of the week so I'll let you know how that goes!  No rest for the wicked huh!

I have nothing to show today, I just wanted to share my weekend with you...sorry.
Take care xx

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