Monday, 16 May 2011

Famous Faces.....

Well, we certainly had a tiring weekend.  The football tournament was pretty good but I was surprised at how tired we all were yesterday...and I never even kicked a ball!!!
Saturday was Aarons team (U8's), they did well but it is uncompetitive at this age so I guess its all about the taking part.
Sunday was Elliots team (U7's) and we were there at 7.30 and I was on the gate selling programmes.  So, there I was being my usual happy self to all the cars coming through (even at that hour of the day) and talk about a surreal moment when Jamie Redknapp opened his window and presented me with his two pound!!!! 
Why oh why hadn't I spent more time on the hair and make up??!!!!!

By the time I got back to the boys they had already got his autograph!! Honestly though, he was not left alone the whole day, people badgering him for pictures and autographs but he didn't seem to mind one bit (well he never showed it!) 
His son was playing in the same league as Elliot so they had a couple of games together and Elliot was not intimidated at all, he was tackling him and pushing him about.  All in all though, having the Redknapps there added a little bit more interest to the day!!!

Getting back to the cards, my friend loved the Christening card, so I was quite relieved with that.  I have been asked to make two baby cards, one pink and one blue, so I have used up the pink from the Christening card...

Look.....different flowers!!
Did you spot the different flowers? I borrowed the stamps from my Mum and not sure where she got them from but eveything else is the same a the Christening card apart from the flowers. (have I mentioned the flowers are!!) I used a SU punch and flat backed pearls also from SU.  I didn't want the ribbon to go all the way round so I've cut the end and heat them slightly with the heat gun to stop them fraying...hopefully!
The blue one will be very similar, I'm sure, but I'll pop it on here when I've got round to doing it!
Till next time....xx

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  1. Sweet buggy and great baby card, so soft! Nice to have you join us at Divas by Design for our first challenge!


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