Friday, 5 August 2011

I'm lost!!!

What do you do when nothing seems to be going right??!!!

Everything I am making at the moment seem to be taking twice (sometimes three times) as long as I just can't seem to find "it".  I look at a card and think either something is missing or it's just not right and I don't know why!!!  

I was asked to do an 18th birthday card and I just could not get it right!!!!  Time was running out and I had to drop it off today and I'm still not sure about it but its too late now!

The Birthday girls favourite colours are pink and green and she is really into handbags so I made the bag from the top note die. 
She is having a party next weekend so I also made a card to give her from us and again, with this one I think I ripped it apart 3 times and still not happy with it.

The medallion stamp is ages old with dresses, shoes and handbags and perfect for this birthday girl but I could not sort this out at all.  The 'flowers' are punched and inked with the centres from the medallion stamp (they are lipsticks) but everytime I look at them I see the St Georges cross.......!!!!  What am I to do???

This evening I have been trying to do Elliots card (my baby is 7 later in the month) but I keep trying different things and I'm not liking anything.  Oh well, a break, maybe thats whats needed.....

We are going away on Tuesday with my Mum (we go every year for a few days) and there is this amazing craft shop locally that sells some really lovely things at really good prices so maybe after a break and a visit to this aladdins cave I will be happier.....either that or I will have to buy a few cards!!!

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