Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New Home...

Good Evening All,

We have had a lovely day today, just me and the boys.  We went for a "wooly' day to learn how to make felt, how to weave and knit.  The boys really enjoyed it and finishing off their braiding as we speak....

My brother had recently moved into a new house from a flat so he is loving having a garden...He may be a secret Alan Titchmarsh wannabe, who, I made him this.....

He has a couple of birds (not sure what!) and he threw open the french doors and put the cage on the table so that they could get some air.  He went up for a shower and when he came down there were 3 cats sat on the decking just looking at the the cats thought Christmas had come early!!
Needless to say, he hasn't done that since!

The boys have a few partys this week so I have been pottering around with a few ideas..I think cards for boys of a certain age are just as tricky as mens really. Oh well, hopefully they will be acceptable!!

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