Thursday, 18 August 2011

I've been playing....

Really strange thing happened today....I woke up and my wrist was fine, not any pain at all!!!  It's all because I made an appointment at the Drs yesterday!!  Oh well, I'm not complaining.  I have two weeks off work now and a week in sun next week so hopefully it'll have time to recover!

So, I have been playing with my top note die from Stampin Up and there is lots you can do with it, I'm quite surprised......
I have tried a couple of things and thought you may want to have a quick look....

This is a little box/bag that we put some chocolates in for the teaching assistant at school.

Oopps, forgot to flip the image!

This is a little pizza style box.  I haven't used it for anything yet but it's quite cute and could be very handy at Christmas.

I'm off now to make a congratulations card for my friend who has just got engaged.

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Take care xx

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